Tips For Planning An Intimate Wedding

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When it comes to weddings there are some couples who love to host a big event. They not only want this event to be big. But they also want to invite everyone they know. This includes everyone from their distant cousins to their childhood neighbours. But this would not be everyone’s dream. There are other individuals who dream about having a small event with only their close friends and family. But unfortunately, they don’t always know how to go about planning such an event.

Remember Its Your Day

We know that in this day and age elopement packages Sunshine Coast are available to those who want small weddings. But it is easy to let the pressure get to you. That is because everyone you know would be trying to convince you to invest in a grand affair. That is because they claim that as you get married only once you need to celebrate it in a big way. But keep in mind that this is your big day. Therefore if you don’t want a big wedding you should not have one. Instead, stick to your guns and stick with a small event.

Be Smart With Your Guest List

Even if you are having a small event you can still hire an event stylist. But what you cannot do is have a long guest list. This would then defy the entire purpose of having an intimate celebration. Therefore you need to be ruthless when creating this guest list. Make sure to invite only your close friends and family. But we understand that even this rule would be hard for some people to adhere to. Especially if they have many friends and family members. Then what you need to do is invite only the people that you saw in the last 3 months.

The Event Can Still Be Formal

Simply because you are inviting only a few guests does not mean you would want to have a casual affair. We know that you would still be wearing your dream dress and your partner would be in a tux. Therefore make sure the guests understand that they need to adorn formal wear for this event. Furthermore, even if it is a small party make sure to have place cards and table arrangements. As there are only a few people you would not have to spend a fortune on all these extras.An intimate wedding can be a great way to celebrate your most special day with those who mean the most to you. Therefore make sure to follow these tips to create the wedding of your dream.

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